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Data Engineering Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Deals on Products and Services to Help With Data Processing

Below are deals for products, services, books, videos, and other assets to help work with Data

Have I missed a deal? Feel free to add it along with a link and brief description of why it is a deal. We are tracking deals related to data wrangling, visualizations, and building data pipelines.

Books, Videos, and Learning Resources


  • Access tons of top notch videos with 40% off a annual or premium Pluralsight membership.

NoStarch Press

  • 33.7% off + free shipping with code BLACKFRIDAY20 *US domestic orders only, $50 min

O'Reilly Books

  • 50% off O'Reilly Online Learning Library with discount with code: CM20CS


  • All eBooks $6.99 each with code: CYBER20AP


  • Buy 2, save 55% with code: BOOKSGIVING

Humble Bundle

  • 45% off Humble Bundle Premium which includes frequent book and resource bundles, not just games!

Manning Publications

  • 40% off books, courses, and videos



  • Print stickers for your project from $19, regularly starting at $65, free shipping


Das Keyboard

  • Deals to upgrade your Keyboard. This is the keyboard I use and I love the smooth action on the Cherry brown switches.

OAK-D by OpenCV

  • THE camera for Computer Vision hobby applications. Normally $299, down to $199 which makes building a computer vision workflow much cheaper.

two stereo cameras and color information from a single 4K camera in the center.

Visualization and Display


Jetpack by Wordpress

  • Boost your Wordpress site's capabilities by adding Jetpack. 40% off with code JETBLACK.

Wordpress deals by Automattic

  • Discounts up to 80% on hosting, domain names, CRM, and courses for Wordpress related projects.

TorGuard VPN

  • Up to 50% off TorGuard VPN services

Links to other deal tracking lists

Information Security

  • Deals focused on Information Security Professionals
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