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add_adobe script
"""Add Adobe products to user on-demand."""
import sys
# If you need to make sure this is always in your path, use:
# sys.path.append('/path/to/your/lib')
# Example:
# sys.path.append('/opt/facebook/lib')
import adobe_tools
target_product = sys.argv[1]
def getconsoleuser():
"""Get the current console user."""
from SystemConfiguration import SCDynamicStoreCopyConsoleUser
cfuser = SCDynamicStoreCopyConsoleUser(None, None, None)
return cfuser[0]
me = getconsoleuser()
email = "" % me
# I'm cheating a bit here, just go with it
firstname = me
lastname = me
country = 'US'
def log(message):
"""Log with tag."""
print (
# Do I exist as a user?
if not adobe_tools.user_exists(email):
log("Creating account for %s" % email)
# Add the user
success = adobe_tools.add_user(email, firstname, lastname, country)
if not success:
log("Failed to create account for %s" % email)
# Does the user already have the product?
log("Checking to see if %s already has %s" % (email, target_product))
already_have = adobe_tools.does_user_have_product(email, target_product)
if already_have:
log("User %s already has product %s" % (email, target_product))
# Add desired product
log("Adding %s entitlement to %s" % (target_product, email))
result = adobe_tools.add_products([target_product], email)
if not result:
log("Failed to add product %s to %s" % (target_product, email))
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