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Created February 1, 2013 11:02
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Quick XOR of hexadecimal strings for BASH
# BASH function to get the result
# of a ^ b when a, b are in the
# following hexadecimal string
# form: AF396463D8705 ...
# Obtained from here:
# Author is Sanjay1982 (see
# Usage:
# $ xor AB20FF40 DD14FABC
function xor()
local res=(`echo "$1" | sed "s/../0x& /g"`)
shift 1
while [[ "$1" ]]; do
local one=(`echo "$1" | sed "s/../0x& /g"`)
local count1=${#res[@]}
if [ $count1 -lt ${#one[@]} ]
for (( i = 0; i < $count1; i++ ))
res[$i]=$((${one[$i]:-0} ^ ${res[$i]:-0}))
shift 1
printf "%02x" "${res[@]}"
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Nice work. :)

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gdb -q -ex 'print/x 0xA ^ 0xF' -ex q

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