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@nmn nmn/$HOC.ts
Created Mar 4, 2017

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A generalized type-def for Higher-Order Components in React.
type HOC<InjectedProps, ExtraProps, Args: $ReadOnlyArray<*>> = <D, P, C: React$Component<D, P, any>>(
component: Class<C>, Args
) => Class<React$Component<D, $Diff<P, InjectedProps> & ExtraProps, any>>;
declare var injectName: HOC<{name: string}, {bla: Array<number>}, [string, number]>;
type Props = {
name: string,
age: number,
junk: boolean,
type DefaultProps = {
junk: boolean
declare var Person: Class<React$Component<DefaultProps, Props, void>>;
<Person name="John Doe" age={123} />;
// $ExpectError -- missing name
// <Person age={123} />;
var PersonWithName = injectName(Person, '', 1);
<PersonWithName age={123} bla={[]} />; // No Error
// $ExpectError -- missing bla
// <PersonWithName age={123} />;
// $ExpectError -- missing age
// <PersonWithName bla={[]} />;
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