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Create white noise stimulus in python using psychopy
# Generate noise frames
# dependencies: psychopy, python-numpy, python-pyglet
from numpy import random
from psychopy import visual
# create a window
win = visual.Window([800, 600], monitor="testMonitor", units="deg")
maskDuration = 180 # Duration of mask in frames
visualNoiseSize = 512 # Dimension in pixels of visual noise. Must be a power of 2
noiseSize = 512
visualNoise = [] # list of rendered frames
for n in range(maskDuration):
noiseTexture = random.rand(visualNoiseSize,visualNoiseSize)*2-1
visualNoise += [visual.PatchStim(win=win, tex=noiseTexture, size=(visualNoiseSize,visualNoiseSize), units='pix',interpolate=False, mask='gauss')]
visualNoise[-1].draw() # first draw is slower. So do it now.
# ACTION: shows mask and the trial's stimulus
for frame in range(maskDuration):
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