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ebidel / handle_file_upload.php
Created Apr 18, 2012
Uploading files using xhr.send(FormData) to PHP server
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$fileName = $_FILES['afile']['name'];
$fileType = $_FILES['afile']['type'];
$fileContent = file_get_contents($_FILES['afile']['tmp_name']);
$dataUrl = 'data:' . $fileType . ';base64,' . base64_encode($fileContent);
$json = json_encode(array(
'name' => $fileName,
'type' => $fileType,
'dataUrl' => $dataUrl,

#Adding an existing project to GitHub using the command line

Simple steps to add existing project to Github.

1. Create a new repository on GitHub.

In Terminal, change the current working directory to your local project.

##2. Initialize the local directory as a Git repository.

git init
4sskick / 'let' + 'const' equivalent in ES5
Created Sep 4, 2016
'let' + 'const' equivalent in ES5
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As we knew that 'let & const' are not coming in ES5, those are coming in ES6 since 2015.
So to make these work like in latest version ECMA Scripts 2015, we can define it by ourself.
'const' - ES6
const a = 1;
'const' - ES5
var a = (function(){
var a = 1;
return function(){