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Working from home

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Working from home
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4sskick / nestjs CLI - new project
Created March 18, 2023 12:44
Nestjs CLI installation generate new project
View nestjs CLI - new project
first time use NestJS and following the documentation. Doc is your friend tbh!
type 'npm i -g @nestjs/cli', done and I got error with some warning.
it said that my npm & angular-devtool version doesn't support and compatible. I don't knwo the detail.
Then I check for latest version lts Node and install it.
I use 'nvm install --lts' wait for done & check using 'nvm ls' it will show you the version of Node version you are using, mine is v18.15.0
re-type 'npm i -g @nestjs/cli' and got no error.
Time to generate new project, type 'nest new <project_name>' and would be asked to which package manager you wanna use, I choose NPM.
Wait till done and finish
View Enable mod_rewrite apache on images docker PHP
I faced a problem when doing some development on Code Igniter project. I have to setup .htaccess to remove index.php from URL. Also face a weird problem when I catch the POST value from form view I created. They aren't delive value of POST data
short lonk story, after I evaluating the whole project's config of framework. Turns out that the culprit is the .htaccess file.
So I need to check the module is already enabled or not on apache. Here the repo project I mean
this only a temporer solution, I believe when I remove the base image of container project, the setup would be back to default.
So you have to re-enable the steps I write here. DYOR !
- make sure you already run the container by docker-compose up -d
4sskick / SQLite migration room db - android
Created March 22, 2022 08:54
short tips on doing migration mobile development using room DB
View SQLite migration room db - android
this process (mgration) is a vital step need to defined very serious.
after setup library room db on android you need to make sure to export schema everytime it changes.
see mine here:
build.gradle (app)
defaultConfig {
//schema provide for DB room
javaCompileOptions {
annotationProcessorOptions {
View pipenv python - step to activate
These virtual environment seems less informative for me as beginner, compared to virtualenv which I installed [here](
To activate virtual environment, you need to go specific folder project. Then type `pipenv shell`
if there's no virtual env activated yet, output would become `Launching subshell in virtual environment...`
but if there's one activate already, would give an output `Shell for [location project] like C:\Users\monta\.virtualenvs\django-test-LGyddycI already activated`
When that's happen, you need to locate the orject which virtual env point on that location then type `exit`
YES! just type exit. If terminal you use not closed yet. Then virtual env the one activated already would become `deactivate` by doing that
NOW, let's go to basic.
4sskick / composer php via docker
Created February 18, 2022 09:20
use composer via docker
View composer php via docker
I'm working on project php based (sepc. code igniter 3), which composer gonna be a tools to install dependencies/library. But i don't want to install it on my local.
so I decide to using container as my virtual environment, to do that you can see my Dockerfile on my project here
on the last line, I add command to run curl command to install composer that will attached on my container I'm gonna built after.
to use command composer, you can folllow this command:
- see container ID by command `docker container ls`
- if you use my project infra on my github, it would be using `docker-compose up` to run all services, then see on section ck_php there would be container ID after hit command `docker container ls`
attach the container by command `docker exec -it <container-ID> sh -c "composer --version" `
- it gonna print you the version of composer installed then exit after done
- everytime you need to use composer, you need to hit command `docker exec -
4sskick / rebuilt docker container
Created February 18, 2022 08:46
rebuilding container docker
View rebuilt docker container
this case happen when you already run the exsting container docker, then you gonna edit the config by add another image via `COPY --from=<image-docker> /src /dst` or something else
to get latest version of container you've already edit, you need to rebuit it by command `docker-compose up -d --no-deps --build <service-name-on-docker-compose.yml>`
it gonna recreate container from beginning, based on this ``
View setup adb through wifi
this method could be usefull when you only have 1 cable to connect through device, but you wanna see log for more than one device. You are able to connect many devices in same time as long on same network.
- make sure you already define ADB to be called on terminal, type `adb device` to check what devices on list.
- connect you physical device with cable until their serial number appeared on command `adb devices`
- begin with command `adb -s <serial_num_physical> tcpip <port_you_wanna_use, ex: 1230>`
- terminal would log output `restarting in TCP mode port: 1230`, itrestarting connection through cable USB on physical device
- continue with looking for IP address physical device which connect on same network `adb -s <serial_num_physical> shell "ip addr show wlan0 | grep -e wlan0$"
- it gonna log output like, `inet brd scope global wlan0`
- begin to connect using IP address, `adb -s <serial_num_physical> connect <ip_address>:<port_you_defined>`
- if run well, terminal would lo
4sskick / Convert Java To Kotlin
Last active October 11, 2021 07:11
trial error converting java to kotlin project pow-waiter
View Convert Java To Kotlin
- first trial on converting into Kotlin (1.5.31) directly from Android Studio git error `Caused by: org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.PluginApplicationException: Failed to apply plugin [id 'kotlin-android'] and this `Caused by: org.gradle.api.GradleException: The current Gradle version 5.4.1 is not compatible with the Kotlin Gradle plugin. Please use Gradle 6.1.1 or newer, or the previous version of the Kotlin plugin.` ssems the point to solve
- it accessed via right click on package then choose convert to kotlin
- I change `distributionUrl=https\://` on file `` to recommendation version number
- with result, `Caused by: org.gradle.api.internal.plugins.PluginApplicationException: Failed to apply plugin [id 'realm-android']` and another `Caused by: org.gradle.api.artifacts.UnknownConfigurationException: Configuration with name 'kapt' not found.`
- I add these lines: `apply plugin: 'kotlin-android'` `apply plugin: 'kotlin-android-exten
View setup prettier vscode
in vscode I already formetter beautify to format whenever I saved change on files. But while I work with react native, plugin Beautify can't handle to format the code. I don't know why.
I decide to install another plugin formatter, called 'prettier'. To install it foollow the command:
- type ctr+shift+P it gonna open bar tab on the fly to execute some commands
- type `install extension` and Enter
- look for Prettier - Code formatter then install. Wait till finished
- you need to setup to make pretiier work for default formatter whenever you code
- open setting, by navigate cursor on `file -> preferences -> settings` look for `edit in settings.json` on tab extensions
- change into `"editor.defaultFormatter": "esbenp.prettier-vscode"` also `"editor.formatOnSave": true,` and `"prettier.eslintIntegration": true,`
- restart vscode by type `ctrl+shift+P` type `reload windows`
4sskick / Jacoco Setup Android
Last active October 5, 2021 11:48
Jacoco setup report coverage
View Jacoco Setup Android
see here
exclude file agregation here