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test rounded edge.stl brlcad-python-tcl
from python_brlcad_tcl.brlcad_tcl import *
class rounded_cube(BrlCadModel):
def __init__(self, brl_db):
super(rounded_cube, self). __init__(brl_db)
self.center_name = None
self.edge = 10
c1 = [0, 0, 0]
c2 = [self.edge, self.edge, self.edge]
cube = brl_db.cuboid(c1, c2)
c1 = [0, 0, 0]
c2 = [self.edge/8., self.edge, self.edge/8.]
sub1 = brl_db.cuboid(c1, c2, 'sub1.s')
c1 = [self.edge/8., 0, self.edge/8.]
c2 = [0, self.edge, 0]
cyl1 = brl_db.circular_cylinder(c1, c2, radius=self.edge/8.)
# finally create a region (a special combination that means it's going to be rendered)
# by unioning together the main combinations we just created
comb1 = brl_db.combination(cube - sub1)
comb2 = brl_db.combination(comb1 + cyl1)
self.final_name = comb2
if __name__ == "__main__":
g_path_out = check_cmdline_args(__file__)
with brlcad_tcl(g_path_out, "My Database", stl_quality=0.1,verbose=True) as brl_db:
rc = rounded_cube(brl_db)
final_name = brl_db.region('u {}'.format(rc.final_name))
# process the g database into an STL file with a list of regions
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