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ANTLR Python Lexer unit-testing
from antlr4 import CommonTokenStream, InputStream, Token
# from mytool.parsers.error_listener import MyErrorListener
def getTokensFromText(input_string, MyLexer):
input_stream = InputStream(input_string)
lexer = MyLexer(input_stream)
# lexer.addErrorListener(MyErrorListener)
stream = CommonTokenStream(lexer)
return stream.tokens
def test_lexer_bad_input(self):
from mytool.parsers.Lexer import Lexer as MyToolsLexer
tokens = getTokensFromText("function ()", MyToolsLexer) # assumes MyLexer won't detect/parse "function ()"
self.assertEqual(1, len(tokens)) #// includes EOF
self.assertEqual(Token.EOF, tokens[0].type)
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