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Created Nov 28, 2020
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package main
import (
type myVar struct {
V int64
SET bool // setされた もsetなのむずかしい。
func (m *myVar) String() string {
return "piyopoyo"
func (m *myVar) Set(s string) error {
m.SET = true
v, err := strconv.ParseInt(s, 0, strconv.IntSize)
if err != nil {
return err
m.V = v
return nil
func main() {
mv := myVar{}
flag.Var(&mv, "a", "piyo")
fmt.Printf("set? %v\n", mv.SET)
fmt.Printf("%v\n", mv.V)

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@nna774 nna774 commented Nov 28, 2020

$ ./tmp  
set? false
$ ./tmp  -a 42
set? true
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