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Last active July 2, 2017 17:55
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The quasi-complement of J David Eisenberg's "Linus’s Rant Rewritten"
"This is just sh*t"
"stupid new gcc header file crap"
"the crap"
"just incompetent and out to lunch"
"The above code is sh*t, and it generates shit code"
"half-way sane"
"frankly... you damn well didn't do the right thing to begin with"
"complete idiotic crap"
"this kind of completely insane stuff"
"idiotic unreadable mess"
"a f*cking bad excuse for that braindamage"
"I'm sorry... idiotic new interfaces... idiotic new code"
"so far out to lunch that it's not even funny"
"unreadable mess"
"no sane person"
"Get rid of it"
"I don't *ever* want to see that shit again"
David's text is at
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