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HAMT RDF::Repository Thread Safety


While our new RDF::Repository implementation theoretically improves the concurrency story for RDF.rb, it isn't, in itself, thread safe. The underlying data representation may be purely functional, but the Repository itself is swimming in shared mutable state. Specifically, we have the potential for a data race during execution of code like @data = data; and, more generally, for race conditions wherever our changes depend on previous reads. Notably, this affects #transaction, as demonstrated in the following snippet:

require 'rdf'
repo =

threads = []
err_count = 0

# make 10 threads, processing 1000 transactions each
10.times do |n|
  threads << do
    1_000.times do |i|
        repo.transaction(mutable: true) do
          # insert a unique statement for each transaction
          insert RDF::Statement("thread_#{n}".to_sym,
      rescue RDF::Transaction::TransactionError
        # count up the statements that fail in execution
        err_count += 1


# not even close to 10_000!
repo.count + err_count # => 5587

(Running this in your environment is may yield different results. You may even see expected results. Nevertheless, trust me, this code is not safe.)

The good news that races are reasonably isolated. Any dreams of perfectly asynchonous concurrency are dashed, but the need for synchonization is minimized. For transactions, we need only synchonize #execute; in place of the transaction block above, we have:

# ...
  tx = repo.transaction(mutable: true)
  tx.insert RDF::Statement("thread_#{n}".to_sym,
  mutex.synchronize { tx.execute }
rescue RDF::Transaction::TransactionError
# ...

Still, as an implementation-specific solution, this leaves something to be desired. Giving more thought to thread safety will likely uncover better options.


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@no-reply no-reply commented Jun 4, 2016

A proof of concept for a thread safe transaction is up at ruby-rdf/rdf@c8080e2

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