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# 2021-04-28 by Noah Coad
# simple bash script to turn the Mac OSX volume up, down, get value, or set
# vol = get current volume level
# vol u = volume up by 5%
# vol d = volume down by 5%
# vol 25 = set volume level between 0-100
noahcoad /
Created Jan 27, 2021
There isn't a build of the Mongoose OS mos cli tool for a Raspberry Pi provided, so this shows how to build the tool on an RPi

Install Mongoose OS mos CLI Tool on Raspberry Pi RPi

I enjoy seeing how little my dev environment can actually be to accomplish cool stuff. Currently I'm using a terminal app on my iPhone to remote into a RPi0w connected to an ESP8266 dev board to code and program the ESP8266 'from my iphone'. Mongoose OS is a fantastic OS for the ESPxx family line, with it's super easy interface and tons of built-in support into the OS (configuration, common IoT platforms, event-driven javascript, libraries, etc).

# open all the URLs under the "daily" folder on the
# Google Chrome bookmarks bar in a new window from the command line
# dependency: jq
jq '.roots.bookmark_bar.children[] | select(.name | contains("daily")) | .children[].url' \
< ~/Library/Application\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Bookmarks \
| xargs '/Applications/Google Chrome' --new-window
View magentic_card_reader.ino
// Magnetic Card Reader with ESP32 Arduino
// Created on 2020-06-13 by Noah Coad
// Connect card reader cable to ESP32 pins:
// DATA (yellow) = 15, PRESENT (orange) = 14, STROBE (green) = 32
// I'm using Adafruit HUZZAH32 ESP32 Feather Board, but any ESP32 should work
// And the Magtek 21050071 card reader, which reads the 2nd card track only (encoded in 5 bits)
// Double check your card reader, which track(s) it reads, because track #1 is encoded differently
View crypto.ino
// Example of using ESP32 Arudino mbed library to
// Encrypt and Decrypt using an asyncronous RSA 2048 bit public and private key pair
// created 2020-07-05 by Noah Coad
// Inside a "data" directory, run these commands to generate a key pair
// then use the ESP32 Sketch Data Uploader to upload files to ESP32 SPIFFS files
// openssl genrsa -out private-rsa 2048
// openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform pem -in private-rsa -outform pem -nocrypt -out private
View base64.ino
// base64 encoding and decoding example on ESP32 Arudino
// using the built-in libb64 libraries
// ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/espressif/esp32/cores/esp32/libb64/cdecode.h
// ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware/espressif/esp32/cores/esp32/libb64/cencode.h
#include "libb64/cdecode.h"
#include "libb64/cencode.h"
void setup() {

Raspberry Pi (RPi) Vision Board
or Photo Frame or Slideshow

I like to have a Raspberry Pi computer set up as a digital Vision Board, which is also the same as a photo frame or slideshow.

noahcoad /
Created Apr 3, 2020
Remote Edit Files w Sublime Text

Remote Edit Files w Sublime Text

How to edit a file on a remote linux machine in your local Sublime Text editor. Thanks to @josiahcoad for inspiring me to post this. BOO YAH

View gist:ecd1ea41b12544caba7ae6a65f5ff60e