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/// <summary>
/// Class extensions should have an Extension suffix, and should include the name
/// of the extending model as an infix to maintain uniqueness. The extension class
/// must be marked as final as it would make no logical sense to subclass
/// or extend an extension.
/// </summary>
final class CustTransSettlement_MyNewModel_Extension
protected boolean isTransTypeValidForInsertSettlementLines(CustTrans _custTrans)
//We must always call the next handler in the Chain of Command (CoC) even if
//we really don't wan't or need to.
//The only guarantee about sequence is that the standard version will run last.
next isTransTypeValidForInsertSettlementLines(_custTrans);
//Override the standard result with our own logic, but put the logic somewhere else
//to keep this method assimple as possible to protect against future
//framework changes.
return MyOtherClass::SomeOtherMethod(_custTrans);
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