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import tornado.web
class route(object):
decorates RequestHandlers and builds up a list of routables handlers
Tech Notes (or "What the *@# is really happening here?")
Everytime @route('...') is called, we instantiate a new route object which
saves off the passed in URI. Then, since it's a decorator, the function is
passed to the route.__call__ method as an argument. We save a reference to
that handler with our uri in our class level routes list then return that
class to be instantiated as normal.
Later, we can call the classmethod route.get_routes to return that list of
tuples which can be handed directly to the tornado.web.Application
class SomeRequestHandler(RequestHandler):
def get(self):
goto = self.reverse_url('other')
# so you can do myapp.reverse_url('other')
@route('/some/other/path', name='other')
class SomeOtherRequestHandler(RequestHandler):
def get(self):
goto = self.reverse_url('SomeRequestHandler')
my_routes = route.get_routes()
Jeremy Kelley - initial work
Peter Bengtsson - redirects, named routes and improved comments
Ben Darnell - general awesomeness
_routes = []
def __init__(self, uri, name=None):
self._uri = uri = name
def __call__(self, _handler):
"""gets called when we class decorate"""
name = or _handler.__name__
self._routes.append(tornado.web.url(self._uri, _handler, name=name))
return _handler
def get_routes(self):
return self._routes
# route_redirect decorator provided by Peter Bengtsson via the Tornado mailing list
# and then improved by Ben Darnell.
# Use it as follows to redirect other paths into your decorated handler.
# from routes import route, route_redirect
# route_redirect('/smartphone$', '/smartphone/')
# route_redirect('/iphone/$', '/smartphone/iphone/', name='iphone_shortcut')
# @route('/smartphone/$')
# class SmartphoneHandler(RequestHandler):
# def get(self):
# ...
def route_redirect(from_, to, name=None):
name=name ))
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