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id: 8919157845550588816
builder {
project: "chrome"
bucket: "try"
builder: "Linux Builder Perf"
number: 480
created_by: ""
create_time {
seconds: 1552425260
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"name": "bb-${build_id}-${project}-${builder}",
"priority": "30",
"tags": [
"pool_task_template": "SKIP",
"task_slices": [
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initResin gr-app.js:859:403
Unexpected plugin analytics installed from preloaded:analytics. gr-app.js:1656:42
Unexpected plugin buildbucket installed from preloaded:buildbucket. gr-app.js:1656:42
Unexpected plugin chromium-behavior installed from preloaded:chromium-behavior. gr-app.js:1656:42
Unexpected plugin chromium-coverage installed from preloaded:chromium-coverage. gr-app.js:1656:42
Unexpected plugin chromium-style installed from preloaded:chromium-style. gr-app.js:1656:42
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Unexpected plugin codemirror_editor installed from preloaded:codemirror_editor. gr-app.js:1656:42
Unexpected plugin commitqueue installed from preloaded:commitqueue. gr-app.js:1656:42
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<gr-overlay id="tryJobsPicker" with-backdrop="" no-cancel-on-outside-click="" class="style-scope cr-buildbucket-view x-scope gr-overlay-0" tabindex="-1" style="outline: none; position: fixed; top: 0px; left: 577.867px; box-sizing: border-box; max-height: 308px; max-width: 1618px; z-index: 103;">
<cr-tryjob-picker autofocus="" tabindex="-1" class="style-scope cr-buildbucket-view">
<header class="style-scope cr-tryjob-picker">
<h3 class="style-scope cr-tryjob-picker">Choose tryjobs</h3>
<main class="style-scope cr-tryjob-picker">
<input autofocus="" is="iron-input" type="text" placeholder="Regex filter" class="filter style-scope cr-tryjob-picker">
nodirt / gist:e3ecf045a1617692cb5dab1c587eb0df
Created May 30, 2018 17:18
bqschemaupdater rename field
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[cr go] proto $ (bqsu-addmissing) bqschemaupdater -message "buildbucket.v2.Build" -table "cr-buildbucket-dev.builds.completed_BETA"
Updating table "cr-buildbucket-dev.builds.completed_BETA"
The following changes to the schema will be made:
--- Current
+++ New
@@ -126,8 +126,7 @@
// Gerrit patchsets to run against.
// Usually present in tryjobs, set by CQ, Gerrit, git-cl-try.
nodirt / diff
Last active February 23, 2018 08:32
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[cr go] proto $ (completed_builds) bqschemaupdater -message -table cr-buildbucket-dev.experimental.completed_builds
Updating table "cr-buildbucket-dev.experimental.completed_builds"
The following changes to the schema will be made.
--- Current
+++ New
@@ -76,6 +76,9 @@
repeated STRING tags
nodirt / schema.txt
Last active February 22, 2018 23:39
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// Time of the event creation.
TIMESTAMP create_time
// The state of the build at the completion time.
RECORD build {
// Buildbucket build id.
nodirt / run.go
Last active November 23, 2017 07:43
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package database
// Stop, when returned by fn parameter of Run, instructs
// Run to stop iterating rows.
var Stop = errors.New("stop Run execution")
// Run executes a query and calls fn for each row.
// fn must be a function with parameters matching the rows
// returned by the query. For example, for a query
#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
from google.protobuf.compiler import plugin_pb2 as plugin
def generate_code(req):
res = plugin.CodeGeneratorResponse()
for input in req.proto_file:
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#!/usr/bin/env python
import base64, bisect, genericpath, string, zlib
def compress(items):
class Node(object):
def __init__(self):
self.children = {}
self.descendants = 0
self.value = False