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Last active Mar 15, 2018
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Proposal for react-relay-network-modern-ssr package
// client
import { RelayNetworkLayer } from 'react-relay-network-modern';
import RelaySSR from 'react-relay-network-modern-ssr/client';
const relaySSR = new RelaySSR(window.relayData);
const network = new RelayNetworkLayer([
// server
import { RelayNetworkLayer } from 'react-relay-network-modern/node8';
import RelaySSR from 'react-relay-network-modern-ssr/server';
import schema from './schema';
const relaySSR = new RelaySSR();
const network = new RelayNetworkLayer([
relaySSR.getMiddleware({ // internally makes requests via require('graphql').graphql
contextValue: {},
// await while all requests completes
await relaySSR.allRequests();
// get all requests as a serialized string, which should be put to html
const relayData: string = relaySSR.serialize();

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@nodkz nodkz commented Mar 15, 2018

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