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Ember controller test with model
import {
} from 'ember-qunit';
import Ember from 'ember';
import startApp from '../../../../helpers/start-app';
var App;
var store;
moduleFor('controller:admin/companies/index', 'AdminCompaniesIndexController', {
// Specify the other units that are required for this test.
needs: ['model:company'],
setup: function() {
App = startApp();
store = App.__container__.lookup("store:main");
teardown: function() {, 'destroy');
test('without a filter all companies are returned', function() {
var controller = this.subject(); {
var company_1 = store.createRecord("company", {name: "Apple"});
var company_2 = store.createRecord("company", {name: "Orange"});
controller.set("model", [company_1, company_2]);
equal(controller.get("filteredModel"), controller.get("model"));
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