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Last active Oct 9, 2020
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JYS-NS138 Controler Instruction Sheet

Operating Instructions:

1.Mode and connection instructions

The Mode Switch:

Press Y + Home 2 seconds to enter the Bluetooth search mode, led1-led4 running horse flashes, and the LED channel corresponding to the successful connection remains on (Switching the assignment of the host organization); Synchronous state, or being paired with host connection: led1-led4 flashing horse;

Note: when the handle enters synchronization mode, it will automatically go to sleep if no synchronization is reached within 2.5 minutes.

Android mode:

Press A + HOME 2 seconds to enter the Bluetooth search mode. LED is LED2 and LED3. When paired, LED flashes.

2. Echo connection mode

Press the HOME button to wake up the handle for 1 second. When the handle is woken up, it will automatically connect to the host paired with it. Other buttons have not wake up function.

3. Charge instruction

When the handle is off, led1-led4 will flash slowly when charging, full of LED quenching.

Battery low-voltage alarm: the current on LED flashing (flashing fast); under load, the current channel LED flashes (slowly), and the LED indicator light is still on when the full charge;

When pairing, load reconnection or low power, pair, reconnect LED indicates priority.

4. Automatic sleep

The home screen is closed, and the handle will automatically sleep. In Bluetooth mode, press the HOME button for 5 seconds to disconnect the host.

Sleep automatically when no key is pressed within 5 minutes (including the sensor is without moving).

5. Low voltage alarm

If the lithium battery voltage is less than 3.55V plus or minus 0.1V, the current flash light indicates low voltage. At the lithium battery voltage is less than 3.45V plus or minus 0.1V, then automatically goes dormant.

6. Turbo and Auto Turbo functions

In any mode

Press (for the first time) A / B / X / Y / L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 and the Turbo button set the Turbo function (automatically connected when pressed);

Once again (the second time), TURBO presses to realize Auto TURBO function (Auto streaming transmission by releasing the button).

Once again (the third time) press A / B / X / Y / L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 separately with the Turbo key to clear the Turbo function of a single key;

Also press "-" and cross DOWN to clear all Turbo Keys functions.

TURBO speed adjustment

Adjust: Long press 5S TURBO and then press 3D right to increase the speed by a speed; long press 5S TURBO button and then press right 3D down to the maximum speed

The third gear is: 5 times per second in a row (level 1), 12 times per second in a row (level 2), 20 times per second in a row (level 3);

Note: the Turbo function has no memory and no LED indicator. The screen capture button in PC and android mode has no function.

7. USB function

Mode of operation: The host for SWITCH plug is automatically recognized as the for SWITCH, and the PC plug is the standard XINPUT mode.

USB LED indicator: for SWITCH: distributed by the host; XINPUT: LED1, LED4.

PC-USB upgrade: press L3 in the stop state and then insert PC-USB into the upgrade state. Open the software upgrade and upgrade the software handle according to the steps of the operation.

8. Technical parameters

Turning off the power: below 15uA

Current pairing: 30 ~ 60mA

Operating current (NFC off): 20 ~ 30mA, NFC on 80 ~ 90mA

Charging current: 150 ~ 200mA

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