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import json
import sudachipy
from sudachipy import tokenizer, dictionary
class SudachiAnalizer():
def get_token(self, source) :
with open(sudachipy.config.SETTINGFILE, "r", encoding="utf-8") as f:
settings = json.load(f)
tokenizer_obj = dictionary.Dictionary(settings).create()
mode = tokenizer.Tokenizer.SplitMode.C
result = [m.surface() for m in tokenizer_obj.tokenize(mode,source)]
word_list = []
for mrph in result:
if not (mrph == ""):
norm_word = tokenizer_obj.tokenize(mode,mrph)[0].normalized_form()
hinsi = tokenizer_obj.tokenize(mode,norm_word)[0].part_of_speech()[0]
# 単語の正規表現が特定の品詞の場合のみ採用する
if hinsi in ["名詞", "動詞", "形容詞"]:
word = tokenizer_obj.tokenize(mode,norm_word)[0].dictionary_form()
return word_list
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