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Tinder Auto-liker script
// Licence: Do Whatever The Fuck You Want!
// Author: Your bro!
$fbAuth = array("facebook_id" => "123456789", "facebook_token" => "<Use charles proxy to do man-in-middle SSL sniffing and extract fb token>");
// Do the magic.
$tinderToken = tinderCall("auth", "token", $fbAuth); // Authenticate
$authToken = "X-Auth-Token: $tinderToken\r\nAuthorization: Token token=\"$tinderToken\"\r\n";
$likerResults = array();
while (true) {
$profiles = tinderCall("user/recs", "results"); // Get the matches
if (!$profiles) exit(":( Oh Shit! you ran out of matches.");
foreach($profiles as $profile){
$match = tinderCall("like/".$profile["_id"], "match");
$result = array(
"name" => $profile["name"],
"birth_date" => @date("d/M/y", @strtotime($profile["birth_date"])),
"distance" => $profile["distance_mi"],
"photo" => $profile["photos"][0]["processedFiles"][0]["url"],
"id" => $profile["_id"],
"match" => $match
$likerResults = $result;
$f = fopen("results.csv", 'a');
fputcsv($f, array_values($result));
// Tinder mini-REST API
function tinderCall($path, $returnField = "", $data = ""){
global $authToken;
$context = array(
'http' => array(
'method' => ($data == "") ? 'GET' : 'POST',
'header' => "User-Agent: User-Agent: Tinder/3.0.4 (iPhone; iOS 7.1.1; Scale/2.00)\r\n".
"Content-Type: application/json\r\nos_version: 70000100001\r\nAccept: */*\r\nplatform: ios\r\n".
"app_version: 3\r\n".$authToken
if ($data != "") $context['http']['content'] = json_encode($data);
$response = file_get_contents(''.$path, FALSE, stream_context_create($context));
file_put_contents("log.txt", $response."\n", FILE_APPEND);
$response = json_decode($response, TRUE);
if($returnField) $response = $response[$returnField];
return $response;

how we use this script


ghost commented Jul 15, 2014

awesome script. works really well

Do you have more info, how I can run this script on my Android device?

Here is what I ended up doing. I actually fired up android virtually on virtual box, installed tinder, and ran it through Charles.

  • install android via virtual box (just google for this)
  • logged into google as myself
  • installed tinder
  • ran charles on my main os
  • started recording
  • on the virtual android, I connected to the "Wi-Fi" but through the proxy
  • fired up tinder, and got the request and response from tinder

Get your token, and then run the php.

Hope this helps.

Doesn't work anymore (if the request seems to be sent from an old client).

mokotoy commented Aug 31, 2014

can you run this script from a mac or pc and not an android?

mokotoy, this script is php, it can run from anywhere. It will actually be harder to run it on android than a mac or pc. You'll need to install php first.

Does this still work?

apklods commented Oct 28, 2015 new generation facebook autoliker , visit and if you like the script message me !

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