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Windows batch file which updates npm for nvm-windows
rem see
@echo off
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
if [%1] == [] (
echo Pass in the version you would like to install, or "latest" to install the latest npm version.
) else (
set wanted_version=%1
if "!wanted_version!" == "latest" (
for /f %%i in ('npm show npm version') do set wanted_version=%%i
for /f %%i in ('npm -g -v') do set cur_version=%%i
if "!cur_version!" == "!wanted_version!" (
echo Already on npm version !wanted_version!.
) else (
echo Updating to !wanted_version!...
set node_path=!PROGRAMFILES!\nodejs
rename "!node_path!\npm" npm2
rename "!node_path!\npm.cmd" npm2.cmd
if exist "!node_path!\npm.ps1" (
rename "!node_path!\npm.ps1" npm2.ps1
rename "!node_path!\npx" npx2
rename "!node_path!\npx.cmd" npx2.cmd
if exist "!node_path!\npx.ps1" (
rename "!node_path!\npx.ps1" npx2.ps1
rename "!node_path!\node_modules\npm" npm2
node "!node_path!\node_modules\npm2\bin\npm-cli.js" i npm@!wanted_version! -g
for /f %%i in ('npm -g -v') do set new_version=%%i
echo New version installed is !new_version!
if "!new_version!" == "!wanted_version!" (
echo Successfully updated to !wanted_version!. Cleaning up backups...
del "!node_path!\npm2"
del "!node_path!\npm2.cmd"
if exist "!node_path!\npm2.ps1" (
del "!node_path!\npm2.ps1"
del "!node_path!\npx2"
del "!node_path!\npx2.cmd"
if exist "!node_path!\npx2.ps1" (
del "!node_path!\npx2.ps1"
@RD /S /Q "!node_path!\node_modules\npm2"
echo Update complete.
) else (
echo Something went wrong. Rolling back.
if exist "!node_path!\npm" (
del "!node_path!\npm"
if exist "!node_path!\npm.cmd" (
del "!node_path!\npm.cmd"
if exist "!node_path!\npm.ps1" (
del "!node_path!\npm.ps1"
if exist "!node_path!\npx" (
del "!node_path!\npx"
if exist "!node_path!\npx.cmd" (
del "!node_path!\npx.cmd"
if exist "!node_path!\npx.ps1" (
del "!node_path!\npx.ps1"
if exist "!node_path!\node_modules\npm" (
@RD /S /Q "!node_path!\node_modules\npm"
rename "!node_path!\npm2" npm
rename "!node_path!\npm2.cmd" npm.cmd
rename "!node_path!\npm2.ps1" npm.ps1
rename "!node_path!\npx2" npx
rename "!node_path!\npx2.cmd" npx.cmd
rename "!node_path!\npx2.ps1" npx.ps1
rename "!node_path!\node_modules\npm2" npm
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rolldone commented Aug 27, 2021

its work. Thank you!!

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Pika-Pool commented Oct 6, 2021

You can use the NVM_SYMLINK environment variable that is set by nvm4w itself for the node_path for people like me who have installed it in a different location

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