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WebSQL full-text search demo (open in Chrome or Safari)
<pre id="output"></pre>
<script src="//"></script>
var $output = $('#output');
var db = openDatabase('fts_demo', 1, 'fts_demo', 5000000);
db.transaction(function (tx){
function onReady() {
var content = 'WebSQL has full-text search!';
$output.append('\nText is: "' + content + '"');
tx.executeSql('insert into doc values (?)', [content], function () {
var terms = ['websql', 'text', 'search', 'searches', 'searching', 'indexeddb']
terms.forEach(function (term) {
tx.executeSql('select count(*) as count from doc where content match ?',
[term], function (tx, res) {
var count = res.rows.item(0).count;
$output.append('\nTerm "' + term + '" matches: ' + !!count);
tx.executeSql('create virtual table doc using fts3(content text, tokenize=porter);', [], onReady, onReady);
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