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Safari IndexedDB/WebSQL bug wishlist

Safari IndexedDB/WebSQL bug wishlist

Big overview of what's missing in Safari 7.1+ and iOS 8+ in terms of browser storage.

Updated May 25th 2016

Safari (general)



Homescreen apps/Chrome for iOS

More details

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Also, @nolanlawson, would it be possible to get the issue into your wishlist?

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cesar-oyarzun-m commented Sep 27, 2016

@dfahlander I'm testing on IOS 10.1 beta 1 using cordova but it seems to be an issue with security, I'm getting SecurityError (DOM Exception 18): called in an invalid security context . Do you know if this was actually fix on IOS 10?

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I got still problem with it and issued you #260 would you please take a look?

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Is indexeddb finally okay on a certain version of IOS ? I've tested my application against 10.3.1 and it seems okay apart from storing blobs. I still have to transform a blob to a base64 encoded string.

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sondreb commented Oct 12, 2017

It appears that IndexedDB on iOS does not recycle it's storage at all, meaning that writing a small object (e.g. 2 KB) many, many times, will eventually use up the phone storage. I had a small app running for a day updating only 5 records (of a total of 5 records) that was written probably millions of times over the course of a day, and it ended up using 1.5 GB of reported storage use. For the test I used LokiJS as a wrapper over IndexedDB, but have verified the same behavior with IndexedDB API directly.

Anyone else seeing or experiencing similar behavior? Is there some API that can be called to make iOS release "unused storage" somehow?

Some more details on the issue here: techfort/LokiJS#620

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