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List of offline-first tools for web developers

Offline-first tools for web developers

A quick list of tools for building HTML/CSS/JS apps that work well offline. Ping me at @nolanlawson if I missed anything!

Hybrid app development

Tools for bundling your HTML/CSS/JS into a native app.

UI Frameworks

Frameworks designed to work well on mobile devices. A good pairing with the above build tools.

Databases and wrappers

Tools to help you use LocalStorage, Web SQL, and IndexedDB in the browser.

Level* community

One API, many backends. Mostly server-side, but some client-side libraries too:

All-in-one frameworks kind of stands alone in this regard. There's nothing quite like it!

Web APIs

Web APIs that help your app work well offline. Some new and immature technology, but still useful.

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janl commented Oct 6, 2014

please to be committing to <3

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