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Gradle tab completion for Bash. Works on both Mac and Linux.

Gradle tab completion script for Bash

A tab completion script that works for Bash. Relies on the BSD md5 command on Mac and md5sum on Linux, so as long as you have one of those two commands, this should work.


$ gradle [TAB]
androidDependencies      check                    init                     properties
assemble                 clean                    installDebug             signingReport
assembleDebug            connectedCheck           installDebugTest         tasks
assembleDebugTest        connectedInstrumentTest  installRelease           uninstallAll
assembleRelease          dependencies             lint                     uninstallDebug
build                    dependencyInsight        lintDebug                uninstallDebugTest
buildDependents          deviceCheck              lintRelease              uninstallRelease
buildNeeded              help                     projects                 wrapper
$ gradle c[TAB]
check                    clean                    connectedCheck           connectedInstrumentTest

Gives tab completions relevent to the current Gradle project (if any).


curl -L -s \
  -o ~/gradle-tab-completion.bash

Then add to your ~/.bash_profile:

source ~/gradle-tab-completion.bash

It will be kinda slow the first time you use it. But after that, it'll be super fast, because everything's cached based on the md5sum of your build.gradle files.


Thanks to @ligi for Linux support!

local gradle_cmd='gradle'
if [[ -x ./gradlew ]]; then
if [[ -x ../gradlew ]]; then
local commands=''
local cache_dir="$HOME/.gradle_tabcompletion"
mkdir -p $cache_dir
# TODO: include the gradle version in the checksum? It's kinda slow
#local gradle_version=$($gradle_cmd --version --quiet --no-color | grep '^Gradle ' | sed 's/Gradle //g')
local gradle_files_checksum='';
if [[ -f build.gradle ]]; then # top-level gradle file
if [[ -x `which md5 2 > /dev/null` ]]; then # mac
local all_gradle_files=$(find . -name build.gradle 2>/dev/null)
gradle_files_checksum=$(md5 -q -s "$(md5 -q $all_gradle_files)")
else # linux
gradle_files_checksum=($(find . -name build.gradle | xargs md5sum | md5sum))
else # no top-level gradle file
if [[ -f $cache_dir/$gradle_files_checksum ]]; then # cached! yay!
commands=$(cat $cache_dir/$gradle_files_checksum)
else # not cached! boo-urns!
commands=$($gradle_cmd --no-color --quiet tasks | grep ' - ' | awk '{print $1}' | tr '\n' ' ')
if [[ ! -z $commands ]]; then
echo $commands > $cache_dir/$gradle_files_checksum
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "$commands" -- $cur) )
complete -F _gradle gradle
complete -F _gradle gradlew
complete -F _gradle ./gradlew
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Doesn't provide any assistance for me. Using either with zsh or bash on MacOS - doesn't work.

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iamtodor commented Mar 4, 2017

@dodalovic the same situation

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matsev commented Mar 14, 2017

As of last week, Gradle has official support for tab completion:
Twitter announcement:

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