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MTurk HIT initiation
import datetime
import boto.mturk.connection
import boto.mturk.question as mtq
import boto.mturk.qualification as mtqu
mt = boto.mturk.connection.MTurkConnection(aws_access_key_id='xxx', aws_secret_access_key='yyy')
text_en = '''Hello!
I am test text message to be translated from English to Russian.
If you ask me, I was born in a mind of a crazy web developer,
who tests the MTurk API to start a very promising service later.
question_id = datetime.datetime.utcnow().strftime("%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S")
print('id=%s' % question_id)
content1 = mtq.QuestionContent()
content1.append_field('Title', 'Translate a text between the markers below from English to Russian.')
content1.append_field('Title', 'Human translation only! Machine tranlations will be rejected.')
content1.append_field('Text', '================= FROM HERE =================')
content1.append_field('Text', text_en)
content1.append_field('Text', '================= TILL HERE =================')
content2 = mtq.QuestionContent()
content2.append_field('Title', 'Any notes? Advices? Emotions? (Optional)')
question1 = mtq.Question(
content = content1,
answer_spec = mtq.AnswerSpecification(mtq.FreeTextAnswer()),
is_required = True,
question2 = mtq.Question(
content = content2,
answer_spec = mtq.AnswerSpecification(mtq.FreeTextAnswer()),
is_required = False,
qualifications = mtqu.Qualifications()
qualifications.add(mtqu.PercentAssignmentsApprovedRequirement('GreaterThanOrEqualTo', 75))
res = mt.create_hit(
questions=[question1, question2],
title = 'Translate 3 lines from English to Russian (human translation needed).',
description = 'Translate 3 lines of English to Russian. No machine translations will be accepted. Only human translation.',
keywords='translate, translation, english, russian',
# These things affect the total cost:
# These are for scheduling and timing out.
approval_delay=datetime.timedelta(seconds=24*60*60),# auto-approve timeout
duration=datetime.timedelta(seconds=15*60),# how fast the task is abandoned if not finished
hit = res[0]
hit_id = hit.HITId
print('hit id = %s' % hit_id)
filename = 'hit-%s.txt' % question_id
file(filename, 'wt').write(hit_id)
print('saved to %s' % filename)
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