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Script for flashing .hex file onto Pro Micro with avrdude
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if grep -q -s Microsoft /proc/version; then
echo 'ERROR: Pro Micros can not be flashed within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) currently. Instead, take the .hex file generated and flash it using AVRDUDE, AVRDUDESS, or XLoader.'
exit 1
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 <path to .hex file>"
exit 1
ls /dev/tty* > /tmp/1
echo -n "Detecting Pro Micro port, reset your Pro Micro now."
while [ -z $USB ]; do
sleep 1
echo -n "."
ls /dev/tty* > /tmp/2
USB=`diff /tmp/1 /tmp/2 | grep -o '/dev/tty.*'`
echo ""
echo "Detected Pro Micro port at $USB"
sleep 0.5
avrdude -p $MCU -c avr109 -P $USB -U flash:w:$1
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