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Last active July 31, 2019 08:35
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Mech Keyboard Questions to ask yourself
  1. How many keys do you want ie. do you need function keys / cursor arrow keys / numpad?
  2. Do you like loud clicky keys, bumpy tactile, or linear fast to hit keys?
  3. Do you want to be able to swap out switches for different ones or mix / match your switches?
  4. Do you need it to be portable?
  5. Do you want LED lighting?
  6. Do you want to program it with macros to be highly custom?
  7. Do you want USB-c?
  8. Windows or Mac?
  9. Do you want split / ergonomic / ortholinear?
  10. Do you want to use custom / creative keycap sets or keep it OEM?
  11. The most important question is: are you ready to accept you'll never find one that meets every single one of your needs unless you make it from scratch, and even then there'll be compromises based on ability and material costs?
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xjackk commented Feb 11, 2019

plz stream soon ~

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Korhog commented Feb 11, 2019

1 standard kb
2 fast
3 no
4 no
5 yeah
6 no
7 maybe
8 win
9 no
10 maybe

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My impression has been that (9) can be a really big limiting factor in what's available - for example there are relatively few good split mechanical keyboard options 😢

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ryanmaclean commented Feb 11, 2019

  1. essentially JP HHKB layout, numpad/macropads added when/if needed.
  2. silence is most important
  3. Being able to swap via desoldering is fine
  4. no (I would make two, three if needed)
  5. only if: 1) the keycaps exist that can support it 2) the switches can be mounted properly (not rotated 180 in the plate)
  6. yes
  7. want vs need here - C is fine, as are most other types. Ideally PS/2 via adapter would still work (so USB-A on the other end).
  8. Windows, Mac, Linux and anything else in between.
  9. Yes
  10. both

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nglgzz commented Feb 12, 2019

@stubailo there are tons of good split keyboards, you just need to find them ;)

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  1. No num pad -- must have f-keys.
  2. MX-Browns
  3. Sure. Not high in importance.
  4. Yes. Relatively.
  5. Preferred.
  6. Preferred (I'm a linux-only, Dvorak user, so I'd prefer open source and on-board).
  7. Preferred (at this point it seems wise).
  8. Neither (Linux)
  9. Not required. More concerned about portability. Small preferred.
  10. OEM is fine.
  11. Yes.

Open to recommendations.

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