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Tmux helper for fabric
from fabric.api import *
class Tmux(object):
"""Tmux helper for fabric"""
def __init__(self, session_name, run_cmd=run):
self.session_name = session_name
self.run_cmd = run_cmd
def create_session(self):
with settings(warn_only=True):
test = self.run_cmd('tmux has-session -t %s' % self.session_name)
if test.failed:
self.run_cmd('tmux new-session -d -s %s' % self.session_name)
'tmux set-option -t %s -g allow-rename off' % self.session_name)
def recreate(self):
def kill_session(self):
self.run_cmd('tmux kill-session -t %s' % self.session_name)
def command(self, command, pane=0):
self.run_cmd('tmux send-keys -t %s:%s "%s" ENTER' % (
self.session_name, pane, command))
def new_window(self, name):
self.run_cmd('tmux new-window -t %s -n %s' % (self.session_name, name))
def find_window(self, name):
with settings(warn_only=True):
test = self.run_cmd('tmux list-windows -t %s | grep \'%s\'' % (self.session_name, name))
return not test.failed
def rename_window(self, new_name, old_name=None):
if old_name is None:
self.run_cmd('tmux rename-window %s' % new_name)
self.run_cmd('tmux rename-window -t %s %s' % (old_name, new_name))
def wait_for(self, signal_name):
self.run_cmd('tmux wait-for %s' % signal_name)
def run_singleton(self, command, orig_name):
run_name = "run/%s" % orig_name
done_name = "done/%s" % orig_name
# If the program is running we wait to be finished.
if self.find_window(run_name):
# If the program is not running we create a window with done_name
if not self.find_window(done_name):
self.rename_window(run_name, done_name)
# Check that we can execute the commands in the correct window
assert self.find_window(run_name)
rename_window_cmd = 'tmux rename-window -t %s %s' % (
run_name, done_name)
signal_cmd = 'tmux wait-for -S %s' % run_name
expanded_command = '%s ; %s ; %s' % (
command, rename_window_cmd, signal_cmd)
self.command(expanded_command, run_name)
def test():
t = Tmux('session', run_cmd=local)
t.run_singleton('sleep 10', 'sleeping')
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