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@norcali norcali/.php
Created Aug 7, 2017

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* Example PgSQL Auth Plugin settings
* See for details and explanation
* Options
$conf['authtype'] = "pgsql";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['debug'] = 1;
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['server'] = 'localhost';
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['user'] = 'dbuser';
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['password'] = 'dbpassword';
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['database'] = 'users';
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['forwardClearPass'] = 0;
* SQL User Authentication
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['checkPass'] = "SELECT pass
FROM usergroup AS ug
JOIN users AS u ON u.uid=ug.uid
JOIN groups AS g ON g.gid=ug.gid
WHERE u.login='%{user}'
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['getUserInfo'] = "SELECT pass, fullname AS name, email AS mail
FROM users
WHERE login='%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['getGroups'] = "SELECT as group
FROM groups g, users u, usergroup ug
WHERE u.uid = ug.uid
AND g.gid = ug.gid
AND u.login='%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['getUsers'] = "SELECT DISTINCT u.login AS user
FROM users AS u
LEFT JOIN usergroup AS ug ON u.uid=ug.uid
LEFT JOIN groups AS g ON ug.gid=g.gid";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['FilterLogin'] = "u.login LIKE '%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['FilterName'] = "u.fullname LIKE '%{name}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['FilterEmail'] = " LIKE '%{email}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['FilterGroup'] = " LIKE '%{group}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['SortOrder'] = "ORDER BY u.login";
* SQL Support for Add User
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['addUser'] = "INSERT INTO users
(login, pass, email, fullname)
('%{user}', '%{pass}', '%{email}', '%{name}')";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['addGroup'] = "INSERT INTO groups (name)
VALUES ('%{group}')";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['addUserGroup']= "INSERT INTO usergroup (uid, gid)
VALUES ('%{uid}', '%{gid}')";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['delGroup'] = "DELETE FROM groups
WHERE gid='%{gid}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['getUserID'] = "SELECT uid AS id FROM users WHERE login='%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['getGroupID'] = "SELECT gid AS id FROM groups WHERE name='%{group}'";
* SQL Support for Delete User
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['delUser'] = "DELETE FROM users
WHERE uid='%{uid}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['delUserRefs'] = "DELETE FROM usergroup
WHERE uid='%{uid}'";
* SQL Support for Modify User
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['updateUser'] = "UPDATE users SET";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['UpdateLogin'] = "login='%{user}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['UpdatePass'] = "pass='%{pass}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['UpdateEmail'] = "email='%{email}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['UpdateName'] = "fullname='%{name}'";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['UpdateTarget']= "WHERE uid=%{uid}";
$conf['plugin']['authpgsql']['delUserGroup'] = "DELETE FROM usergroup
WHERE uid='%{uid}'
AND gid='%{gid}'";
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