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Build system for Unreal Engine projects for Sublime Text
"cmd": [
// Default path for UE 5
"C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_5.0/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Build.bat",
// Build configuration is set to "Development" by default
// The platform is set to Win64 by default
// The Sublime project name must match the Unreal project filename
// E.g. "MyProject.sublime-project" for "MyProject.uproject"
// Or manually set the different UE project filename in the line below
// If you need to build a standalone (non-editor) - replace the line below
// "-TargetType=Game",
// Hot reload is disabled - need to close the UnrealEditor before build
"shell": true,
// The UE project's root folder must be added to teh project as a first one
// E.g. it should be visible as a first folder in the side bar in Sublime
"working_dir": "$folder",
// Regexpt to parse the unreal's compilation Errors and Warnings
"file_regex": "^\\s*([A-Z]:[^\\(]+)\\((\\d+)\\)()\\s*:\\s(([Ee]rror|[Ww]arning)[^\n]+)",
// Don't wrap the build output
"word_wrap": false,
// Don't log Sublime's error messages in case if build failed
"quiet": true,
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norlin commented May 2, 2019

Not relevant for the current version

Added the notifications script for Windows, thanks @npocmaka!

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norlin commented Nov 28, 2020

  • Removed the nodejs requirement
  • Make it possible to reuse the same build system for different UE4's projects just with the Sublime's build settings

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norlin commented Feb 23, 2022

  • Updated for UE 5, basically it's the same but path changed - there is a bat script for command-line builds.

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