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Silencing EC2 errors on Snow Leopard. Also see
To stop being annoyed by Java errors when using the EC2 API tools
on Snow Leopard, apply the following patch:
--- /ports/bin/ec2-cmd 2009-10-03 01:44:04.000000000 +0100
+++ /tmp/ec2-cmd 2009-10-03 01:44:54.000000000 +0100
@@ -58,4 +58,13 @@
-"$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" $EC2_JVM_ARGS $cygprop -classpath "$CP"$CMD "$@"
+# to filter out the "deprecated" warnings introduced by Snow Leopard...
+exec 3>&1 # ... redirect fd3 to stdout
+exec 4>&2 # ... redirect fd4 to stderr
+# ... execute the java, sending stderr to stdout (so it gets grepped),
+# but stdout goes to fd3 (the preserved real stdout)
+# and the grepped output goes to fd4 (the preserved stderr)
+"$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" $EC2_JVM_ARGS $cygprop -classpath "$CP"$CMD "$@" \
+ 2>&1 >&3 | grep -v '^\[Deprecated\] Xalan' >&4
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