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According to my records your subscription will expire on 14 June 2014
LostCousins subscriptions are NOT renewed automatically unlike subscriptions for most other
genealogy sites - I prefer to depend on your generosity, not your forgetfulness.
The good news is that if you renew your subscription NOW it won't start until your existing
subscription expires - you'll get a full 12 months from the date shown above (so you don't have
to leave it until the last minute). Even better news is that the price hasn't changed since 2005 -
it's still just 10 pounds for a single subscription!
But if you would rather not renew your subscription that's fine - your free standard membership
will continue automatically, and you'll still receive my newsletter.
If you want to upgrade from a Single subscription (which covers one LostCousins account) to a
Joint subscription (which covers two accounts for just 12.50) you'll need to link the accounts
together BEFORE you renew. Instructions for how to do this can be found on the Subscribe
Note: if you do upgrade to a Joint subscription this will take effect immediately - in other words
you'll get a free upgrade for the remaining part of your current subscription AND you'll still get a
full 12 months after that.
Thanks for your support in the past - you've helped me to keep LostCousins going!
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