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Created Nov 28, 2015
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(defn sliding
([^long n] (sliding n 1))
([^long n ^long step]
(fn [rf]
(let [a (java.util.ArrayDeque. n)]
([] (rf))
(let [result (if (.isEmpty a)
(let [v (vec (.toArray a))]
;;clear first!
(.clear a)
(unreduced (rf result v))))]
(rf result)))
([result input]
(.add a input)
(if (= n (.size a))
(let [v (vec (.toArray a))]
(dorun (take step (repeatedly #(.removeFirst a))))
(rf result v))

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@nmashton nmashton commented Oct 22, 2016

This isn't getting us quite the same thing as partition-all, in terms of the sequences returned (and getting a transducing version of partition-all is what we want here, right?):

user=> (eduction (sliding 3 1) [1 2 3 4])
([1 2 3] [2 3 4] [3 4])
user=> (partition-all 3 1 [1 2 3 4])
((1 2 3) (2 3 4) (3 4) (4))
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