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PKI-gpg question.txt
21:01:46 Rockj | Hey, anyone around who could assist me in using GPG?
21:02:25 Rockj | I've used GPG and have setup a pair and made my public key available on key servers.. and I know how to setup my email client so it works...
21:02:53 Rockj | but I have a problem, I would like to start using GPG at work... but as everyone know, you should hide and keep your secret key secret and hidden in
| the shadows out of everyone's reach
21:03:55 Rockj | now, I've stored my private key on an encrypted usb pen drive (LUKS)... problem is that I'm using OS X at work, which basically can't mount up LUKS
| encrypted volumes....
21:04:19 Rockj | I've heard something about generating a sub-pair or something, which I think you could mark as TRUSTED in your master-pair?
21:05:14 Rockj | so incase work-pair is no longer a trusted source for identifying me (coworker stole it, or someone stole laptop etc etc) , I could simply revoke
| just my work-pair and assign a new one and mark it as trusted from my master-pair
21:06:21 Rockj | if the user that uses GPG to identify me have added my master's public key, this should be good way of dealing with only having to revoke my work's
| key and assign a new one? Im not really keen on revoking my superb private master key and make a new one and establish contact again with all people
| who have trusted my master public key...
21:06:26 Rockj | any input?
21:06:32 Rockj | is this doable? is it supported?
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