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Last active August 1, 2018 05:45
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northam commented Aug 1, 2018

Question 1:
I've uploaded the Logo Doodles to my Dropbox Folder. They are in green, if you can make them out.
Oh, and they were not all drawn in the orientation of the photo; I kept turning the paper as I drew...will these do?
Past this point, I'm not really sure what to do next. Do I keep drawing options or can I start working specifically on one of these options?
Any guidance would be very helpful.

Dear Student, I see a productive brainstorming session here. At this point, we are ready to refine your ideas. I recommend you choose 3-5 distinct sketches of logo, and work on their details. Higher fidelity. Make a digital version of them if you can, and have tools, like Sketch or Illustrator. I want to see them shine. They should clearly convey your idea.
As for the brand name, continue brainstorming. Don't be afraid to create a completely new name. For example, "brainly", or "bitly", also you can combine two short words together into one, for example "powersave". At the end of the session, have a short break, then come back and do "grooming": choose 3-5 (no more than 10) names you like the most.

Question 2:
I just wrapped up my initial questions for the user survey. I haven’t put them into the form yet but I’m concerned that I might be asking too many questions and wanted to get your take. How can I get all the answers I want without increasing the likelihood that the user will bounce? Anyway, I’ve attached my google doc. I want to send this out before the weekend so I can get started on the user personas early next week so timely suggestions would be extremely beneficial.

You should ask only the questions, which are critical to the understanding of the persona or role. Don't overcomplicate the questions. Use simple spoken language. Avoid ambiguity. Also, limit the number of answer options. In the question 3, for example, there are 8 possible answers. Can you decrease amount of options to 4-5?
If possible, add the fork logic to the form: if user has no vacation travels, don't ask any vacation travel related questions.
For demographics section, give the participants the option not to disclose it. Especially for gender, which can be too limiting or even offensive for some people (there are more than two answers possible today).

Question 3:
I’m having a real problem getting my dropdowns to function properly on the dashboard. I was following along with a few jQuery examples I found online and I can toggle everything on and off (solid win), but I also can have multiple dropdowns showing at the same time (total frustration). I’m not sure how to make it to where only one dropdown is visible at a time. I looked into the jQuery docs to try to figure it out but I’m frankly a little lost.

It would be helpful if you can also share your html file with me. As a quick advise I would recommend to use hide() and show() jQuery functions, instead of toggle. Example:

        $(".setbutton").on("click", function(){

Also, in addition to the official documentation, I would recommend to find the answer related to jQuery on website. It's a great resource to learn programming tricks.

Question 4:
Yesterday, you pushed a set of updates into the (mentor) branch on my project. While I was reviewing those changes, I accidentally started working on the project without switching back to the (master) branch. When I was ready to commit my changes, I automatically attempted to pull the master branch to bring my work in sync with the remote repo.

When you sync with the remote repo you have to push (not pull) your changes. Try to use merge tool: git mergetool to resolve the conflicts. Read documentation how to use it. If you still have troubles with merging, then push you changes to overwrite remote repo, and I will fix it for you. Next time try to sync with remote repo before you start editing your local repo. Let me know how it goes.

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