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Created Jan 7, 2021
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jan 7th 2021 level up broadcasts
# When players reach certain level milestones messages will be broadcast
# Whether or not level up broadcasts are enabled
Enabled: true
# How often to broadcast, you can change this to 1 to always broadcast a level up event, a setting of 100 will limit it to every 100 levels (for example level 100, level 200, etc)
Milestone_Interval: 100
# Send the message to the console as well
Send_To_Console: true
# Whether or not to only send chat messages to party members
Only_Party_Members: false
# Whether or not players who recieve a level up broadcast have to be on the same world as the one who leveled up
Only_Same_World: false
# Distance restrictions
Restrict_Distance: false
# When using Restrict_Distance the blow setting configures the range of the broadcast
Restricted_Radius: 100
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