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Created March 8, 2020 19:51
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A now playing script for MPRIS and OBS (to be run as a systemd user service). Change the file path, music player name, etc. to whatever works for you
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from PIL import Image
from PIL import ImageDraw
from PIL import ImageFont
import gi
gi.require_version('Playerctl', '2.0')
from gi.repository import Playerctl, GLib
image_filename = "/home/logan/Documents/nowplaying.png"
player_names = ["Lollypop"]
manager = Playerctl.PlayerManager()
font = ImageFont.truetype(font="DejaVuSans-Bold", size=20, index=0, encoding='')
def generate_image(player):
meta = player.props.metadata
image = = "RGBA", size = (img_width,img_height), color = (0,0,0,0))
if player.props.status == "Playing" and (meta['mpris:artUrl'] != None or meta['mpris:artUrl'] != ""):
art =['mpris:artUrl'][7:]).resize((img_height, img_height)).convert("RGBA")
image.paste(art, (0,0), art)
if player.props.status == "Playing" and (meta['xesam:title'] != None or meta['xesam:title'] != ""):
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(image)
text = f"{meta['xesam:title']}\n{meta['xesam:artist'][0]}\n{meta['xesam:album']}"
draw.text((img_height+20-1,10-1), text, font=font, fill=(0,0,0))
draw.text((img_height+20+1,10-1), text, font=font, fill=(0,0,0))
draw.text((img_height+20-1,10+1), text, font=font, fill=(0,0,0))
draw.text((img_height+20+1,10+1), text, font=font, fill=(0,0,0))
draw.text((img_height+20,10), text, font=font, fill=(255,255,255))
def on_play(player, status, manager):
print('player is playing: {}'.format(player.props.player_name))
def on_pause(player, status, manager):
print('player is paused: {}'.format(player.props.player_name))
def on_metadata(player, metadata, manager):
keys = metadata.keys()
if 'xesam:artist' in keys and 'xesam:title' in keys:
print('{} - {}\n{}'.format(metadata['xesam:artist'][0], metadata['xesam:title'], metadata['mpris:artUrl']))
def init_player(name):
# choose if you want to manage the player based on the name
if in player_names:
player = Playerctl.Player.new_from_name(name)
player.connect('playback-status::playing', on_play, manager)
player.connect('playback-status::paused', on_pause, manager)
player.connect('metadata', on_metadata, manager)
def on_name_appeared(manager, name):
def on_player_vanished(manager, player):
print('player has exited: {}'.format(player.props.player_name))
manager.connect('name-appeared', on_name_appeared)
manager.connect('player-vanished', on_player_vanished)
for name in manager.props.player_names:
main = GLib.MainLoop()
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