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Last active Apr 9, 2020
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View Certificates for Server Name (ADCS certutil)
# Change the filter and column list as needed to match your query needs.
# Query Active Directory Certificate Services for Certs issued to given hostname
function view_certs($prefix, $config=$null) {
# call like: view_certs -prefix "srv-name"
# Find $config value by running "certutil" with NO OPTIONS
# increment last character to get next prefix (stop matching)
$nextprefix = $prefix.Remove($prefix.Length-1) + [char]([int]$prefix[-1] + 1)
$columns = "CommonName,DispositionMessage,CertificateTemplate,NotBefore,NotAfter"
# Disposition of 20 returns only "Issued" certificates
$restriction = "CommonName >= $prefix,CommonName < $nextprefix,Disposition = 20"
if ($config -ne $null) {
certutil.exe -view -config "$config" -restrict "$restriction" -out "$columns"
} else {
certutil.exe -view -restrict "$restriction" -out "$columns"
# example calling function for hostname beginning with prefix
view_certs -prefix "srv-name"
# Inspired by
# ...

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@notesbytom notesbytom commented Apr 9, 2020

Added -config parameter to specify remote CA server. Use "certutil" command without any options to find the "Config:" value(s) for your environment.

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