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Last active Dec 31, 2016
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require 'csv'
require 'numo/gnuplot' # You must run `gem install numo-gnuplot`
KEYWORD = 'にのめ'
tweets_file_path = ARGV[0] || 'tweets.csv'
csv =, headers: true)
# Convert from CSV to array of Hash.
tweets = {|row| row.to_hash }
# Exclude retweets.
tweets = {|t| t['retweeted_status_id'].empty? }
# Convert timestamp to Time object.
tweets.each {|t| t['timestamp'] = DateTime.parse(t['timestamp']).to_time }
# Select tweets tweeted in this year.
this_year_tweets = {|t| t['timestamp'] >=, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0) }
# Group tweets by same date.
this_year_tweets_by_date = this_year_tweets.group_by {|t| t['timestamp'].to_date }
# Count tweets
all_tweet_counts = {|date, ts| [date, ts.size] }.to_h
ninome_tweet_counts = {|date, ts| [date, ts.count {|t| t['text'].include?(KEYWORD) }] }.to_h
puts "All tweets: ##{all_tweet_counts.values.reduce(:+)}"
puts "Tweets including \"#{KEYWORD}\": ##{ninome_tweet_counts.values.reduce(:+)}"
x = {|date| date.to_s }
y = ninome_tweet_counts.values
Numo.gnuplot do
set 'datafile separator " "'
set 'xdata time'
set 'timefmt "%Y-%m-%d"'
set 'xrange ["2016-01-01":"2016-12-31"]'
set "yrange [0:#{y.max + 1}]"
set 'format x "%m/%d"'
unset 'key'
unless ENV['DEBUG']
set 'terminal png size 1280,320'
set 'output "tweet_counts.png"'
plot x, y, using: '1:2', with: 'impulses', lw: 2
gets if ENV['DEBUG']
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