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Mac mIRC: Running mIRC on OSX with Wine

I found the mac native IRC clients lacking. So let's run mIRC with Wine...

Installing Wine, Mirc and OpenSSL

  • Download the mIRC installer and put it somewhere safe.
  • Download the OpenSSL installer (openssl-0.9.8y-setup.exe as of May 2014)
  • Download the Wine for Darwin and Mac OSX installer. Mount the DMG, run 'Install Wine.
  • Run the newly installed /Applications/
  • Select 'Wine Config' from the Wine Menu Screenshot
  • Select the Applications tab and change the default Windows version to Windows 7 and press ok. Screenshot
  • Select 'Run' from the Wine Menu, Screenshot
  • Browse through the "Z/" drive to wherever you downloaded the mIRC installer exe on your mac. Screenshot
  • Run the installer as you normally would. Uncheck the option to create a desktop shortcut.
  • Browse to the OpenSSL installer exe and run that.

Creating a in /Applications

  • Run /Applications/, select "Application" from the choose a document type prompt. Screenshot
  • Paste the following text into the box: (changing 'notpeter' to your username)
export WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine"
cd "/Users/notpeter/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/mIRC/"
exec /Applications/ "mirc.exe"
  • Test that it works by clicking the "Run" icon in the upper right corner. Screenshot
  • Choose File->Save and save to the /Applications folder with the filename Screenshot
  • Open the this mIRC icon image and right click on it selecting "Copy Image" to get the image on your clipboard.
  • In finder, browse to /Applications and select your newly created and select Get Info from the file menu (⌘I). Screenshot
  • In the get info window, click on the icon and then press ⌘V (command + V) to paste the icon. Screenshot


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