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Last active Jul 3, 2020
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TOKEN="" # get yours at
namespace="${1?usage\: $(basename $0) NAMESPACE PACKAGE_NAME}"
package_name="${2?usage\: $(basename $0) NAMESPACE PACKAGE_NAME}"
version="$(curl "${namespace}/${package_name}" | jq -r .Version)"
echo "${namespace}/vsextensions/${package_name}/${version}/vspackage"
curl --compressed "${namespace}/vsextensions/${package_name}/${version}/vspackage" > "${temp_file}"
npx ovsx create-namespace -p "${TOKEN}" "${namespace}"
npx ovsx publish -p "${TOKEN}" "${temp_file}"
rm "${temp_file}"
echo "Woo! Your extension is now available at"
echo ""
echo "${namespace}/${package_name}"
echo ""
echo "Don't forget to let the author now that you have uploaded it."
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