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This gist includes my work summary and my experience during Google Summer of Code'17 with ownCloud

My work was split into two major parts:

  • Building a JavaScript client library which covers all the APIs provided by ownCloud, and works both in Node.JS and direct in-browser.
  • Enabling Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on ownCloud's core server, since the above JS library needs to work direct in-browser.


Well yes, this is the name me and my mentor, Vincent Petry( chose for the JS-library mentioned above. Building this library took me around 1.5 months out of the 3 provided for completing my work. During this time, I wrote methods which would call the corresponding APIs and correctly parse the response and return to the user. Also, I used a documentation tool called swagger which made documentation of my library super-fun, and easy-to-use for the user.



This was the toughest part of my project since I had to comb through all the code ownCloud has, to find where to modify/add code to enable CORS. But with the help of my genius mentor, I finally worked it out.

Pull Request: owncloud/core#28457

Sample static web-app:

Now this is a task which I mentioned as a "stretch task" in my proposal. In this task, I built a static website using my library (js-owncloud-client) which basically does these:

  • Lists all the files and folders in the current directory.
  • Can change current directory by clicking on a folder.
  • Can get the contents of any file by simply clicking on it.
  • Can compose a new text file which will bring a text-editor in the webpage itself and save the file to your owncloud instance.

All these functionalities, and yet I wrote no more than 100-150 lines of JavaScript for this, thanks to js-owncloud-client.

My Experience:

Overall, my experience with ownCloud was super-fun where I got to learn a ton of things interacting with my mentor, fellow ownClouders and writing code. I never knew that I would be able to manage such a big project on my own, but thanks to ownCloud and Google, this summer turned out to be very productive.

My Mentor:

I would like to give a shout-out to the coolest mentor, Vincent. I wouldn't have been able to complete this project without the guidance from him. Also, thanks Vincent for finding out time from your hectic schedule to solve my silliest doubts.

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