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[SwiftLint in Use article - SwiftLint configuration file with all configurable rules]
disabled_rules: # rule identifiers to exclude from running
- colon
- comma
- control_statement
opt_in_rules: # some rules are only opt-in
- empty_count
# Find all the available rules by running:
# swiftlint rules
included: # paths to include during linting. `--path` is ignored if present.
- Source
excluded: # paths to ignore during linting. Takes precedence over `included`.
- Carthage
- Pods
- Source/ExcludedFolder
- Source/ExcludedFile.swift
- Source/*/ExcludedFile.swift # Exclude files with a wildcard
analyzer_rules: # Rules run by `swiftlint analyze` (experimental)
- explicit_self
# configurable rules can be customized from this configuration file
# binary rules can set their severity level
force_cast: warning # implicitly
severity: warning # explicitly
# rules that have both warning and error levels, can set just the warning level
# implicitly
line_length: 110
# they can set both implicitly with an array
- 300 # warning
- 400 # error
# or they can set both explicitly
warning: 500
error: 1200
# naming rules can set warnings/errors for min_length and max_length
# additionally they can set excluded names
min_length: 4 # only warning
max_length: # warning and error
warning: 40
error: 50
excluded: iPhone # excluded via string
allowed_symbols: ["_"] # these are allowed in type names
min_length: # only min_length
error: 4 # only error
excluded: # excluded via string array
- id
- GlobalAPIKey
reporter: "xcode" # reporter type (xcode, json, csv, checkstyle, junit, html, emoji, sonarqube, markdown)
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