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BigStats Setup for: F5 BIG-IP -> StatsD -> GraphiteDB -> Graphana Dashboards

Create the Grafana Dashboard Container for BigStats on AWS

Updated: August 21, 2018

NOTE: This setup is used as an exporter destination for BigStats:

Create the Instance

On the AWS Console:

  1. In 'Instances', click 'Luanch Instance'.
  2. Select 'Amazon Linux 2 AMI (HVM), SSD Volume Type'
  3. Select 't2.micro' (perfectly fine for lab testing), and click 'Next: Configure Instance Details'
  4. Select the appropriate 'Network' and 'subnet' for your environment that can reach your BIG-IP mangement interface. Click 'Review and Launch'.
  5. Apply the correct Securty Group to access:
    • StatsD 8125/tcp, 8125/tcp
    • Graphite UI: 80/tcp
    • Grafana UI: 3000/tcp
    • SSH to the docker host: 22/tcp
  6. Click 'Launch'
  7. Select the appropriate key pair you have access to, click 'Launch Instances'.
  8. Click 'View Instances' to be taken to the newly reated instance and watch it boot!

Install Docker

Once the 'Status Checks' transition from Initializing to '2/2 checks passed':


Start the containers

  1. Clone the docker-compose file: git clone
  2. Enter the repo directory: cd BigStats_Grafana_Compose/
  3. Start the Graphite/StatsD and Grafana containers: docker-compose up -d

You should be able to access the GraphiteDB time series database Web UI on: http://{docker_host_ipaddress}

You should be able to access the Grafana Web UI on: http://{docker_host_ipaddress}:3000

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