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I have no idea what you are talking about, but it seems angsty. Let me get a couple of points straight:
"as Perl software was not simply and practically written, and was often faulty despite a extensive testing and distribution system"
So you decided that the CPAN sucked and so you wrote your own? What faults? What's not simple or practical to one of the largest online collections of software modules in the world that adheres to the free/open source software ideals?
Ever heard of Not Invented Here? You suffer from that significantly.
Then you go on to berate an open source developer because he won't recognize your unbound awesomeness and intellectual prowess. Because obviously, you have the answer to all of the projects problems.
If you haven't figured this out yet, most FOSS projects are meritocratic. You contribute, you get more say. You, who have failed to contribute anything, approach someone who /has/ contributed significant amounts as a peer, but in his eyes, you are just another internet kook. He pointed you to some git repos and said "knock yourself out", a standard response. Much like "PATCHES WELCOME." But instead, you go on to email him more kookery. Of course he isn't going to respond. Who would? And then you use that proof to do, what, prove that you are right?
You might as well point this letter to the US government and tell them it is proof of AREA 51 and if they don't respond, it is proof it exists! And not claiming to your level of MENSAness or anything, but a simple proofread of your "letter" would help get your message across more. Reading it was like reading a ransom note where the words are all cut out of magazines.
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