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# Copyright 2012 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Variables
# Device Check
echo -n "Are you on a Bootloader Unlocked $CARRIER Moto Z2 Force? (y/n)? "
read answer
if echo "$answer" | grep -iq "^y" ;then
echo "Continuing Flash..."
echo "You aren't on the correct device."
# Hacky Fastboot Version Check
if ! grep -q dtbo.sig $(which fastboot); then
echo "Please upgrade fastboot."
echo "The newest version can be found at:"
exit 1
# Bootloader
echo "Flashing Bootloader partitions..."
fastboot flash xbl_a xbl.img
fastboot flash xbl_b xbl.img
fastboot flash abl_a abl.img
fastboot flash abl_b abl.img
fastboot flash cmnlib_a cmnlib.img
fastboot flash cmnlib_b cmnlib.img
fastboot flash cmnlib64_a cmnlib64.img
fastboot flash cmnlib64_b cmnlib64.img
fastboot flash keymaster_a keymaster.img
fastboot flash keymaster_b keymaster.img
fastboot flash rpm_a rpm.img
fastboot flash rpm_b rpm.img
fastboot flash pmic_a pmic.img
fastboot flash pmic_b pmic.img
fastboot flash hyp_a hyp.img
fastboot flash hyp_b pmic.img
fastboot flash devcfg_a devcfg.mbm
fastboot flash devcfg_b devcfg.mbm
fastboot flash storsec_a storsec.mbm
fastboot flash storsec_b storsec.mbm
fastboot flash prov_a prov64.mbm
fastboot flash prov_b prov64.mbm
fastboot reboot-bootloader
sleep 5
# Modem/Firmware
echo "Flashing Modem & Firmware partitions..."
fastboot flash modem_a NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash modem_b NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash fsg_a fsg.mbm
fastboot flash fsg_b fsg.mbm
fastboot erase modemst1
fastboot erase modemst2
fastboot flash bluetooth_a BTFM.bin
fastboot flash bluetooth_b BTFM.bin
fastboot flash dsp_a adspso.bin
fastboot flash dsp_b adspso.bin
fastboot reboot-bootloader
sleep 5
# System/Boot/DTBO/OEM
echo "Flashing Boot/DTBO partitions..."
fastboot flash boot_a boot.img
fastboot flash boot_b boot.img
fastboot flash dto_a dto.img
fastboot flash dto_b dto.img
echo "Flashing System partition... (this may take a while)"
fastboot flash system_a system.img
fastboot flash system_b system.img
echo "Flashing OEM partition..."
fastboot flash oem_a oem.img
fastboot flash oem_b.img
# Non-Optional Wipes
echo "Wiping Carrier/DDR partitions..."
fastboot erase carrier
fastboot erase ddr
# Optional Wipe
echo -n "Would you like to wipe data? (y/n)? "
read answer1
if echo "$answer1" | grep -iq "^y" ;then
fastboot erase userdata
echo "You may experience unexpected errors if your data is incompatible with the target version."
echo "Flash Complete. Slots A & B are now on build $BUILD_ID for the $CARRIER Moto Z2 Force."
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