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Created Dec 12, 2017
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Kotlin definitions for browser touch API
package browser
import org.w3c.dom.Element
typealias TouchId = Int
external interface Touch {
val identifier: TouchId
val target: Element
val screenX: Double
val screenY: Double
val clientX: Double
val clientY: Double
val pageX: Double
val pageY: Double
external open class TouchList {
val length: Int
fun item(index: Int): Touch?
operator fun TouchList.get(n: Int) =
item(n) ?: throw IndexOutOfBoundsException("index out of bounds: $n, length: $length")
external open class TouchEvent : UIEvent {
val shiftKey: Boolean;
val ctrlKey: Boolean;
val altKey: Boolean;
val metaKey: Boolean;
* See [DOM Level 3 Events spec]( for a list of valid (case-sensitive) arguments to this method.
fun getModifierState(key: String): Boolean;
val touches: TouchList;
val changedTouches: TouchList;
val targetTouches: TouchList;
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