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Created Sep 19, 2012
What would you like to do?
"Hacerfest" notes for reference


The goal of HacerFest is to set aside 48 hours (or really, however much you want), to not think about your day to day tasks, and focus on some creative project you've wanted to make or do.

What's it mean?

'Hacer' in the Spanish verb for 'to make' or 'to do'. It's a fantastic verb for creative work, which is often making or doing something.

What can I work on?

Unlike events such as NaNoWriMo, ShipIt Days, or software sprints, all of which focus on short bursts of work in a particular trade (writing prose or software), HacerFest wants to be about whatever kind of project you want to do, providing a supportive community to share in the experience.

Want to get started on that painting you've been putting off?

Writing your epic novel?

Filming a movie?

Coding that mobile app that's been on the back burner forever?

HacerFest is an opportunity to carve out the time and get it started making or doing something.

Can I work on a team?

Absolutely! HacerFest is about what you want to do, and some people want to do specific things together. We think that's awesome!

Sounds great, where do we meet?

Originally, this idea started as talk between some friends about making video games during weekends, using Skype to communicate due to geography. So, the 'official' channels are electronic. That said, we highly encourage groups to meet physically.


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@nuex nuex commented Sep 19, 2012

We did something similar to this in Lexington called Buildycrunken:


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@nrb nrb commented Sep 30, 2012

Awesome, thanks! I might have more on this coming soon.

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